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Full-Service Cleaning, Maintenance, & Repair for Pools & Spas

Keep your pool or spa clean and chemically safe at all times with help from Baja Pool Service, LLC, located in Riverside, California. We offer pool cleaning, maintenance, and repair services for public and private pools, as well as spas. From cleaning the walls and skimming the surface to testing and balancing the water chemicals, we do what it takes to maintain your pool or spa.

Services Include:

• Brushing of Inclined Walls & Steps
• Pool Skimming to Remove Debris
• Pool Vacuuming
• Setting Up & Adjusting Chemicals, Including Specialty Chemicals & Conditioners
• Treating the Water to Remove Algae
• Cleaning the Filters, Including DE Filters
• Cleaning the Tiles
• Repairing Plumbing, Pumps, & Motor Engines
• Draining & Refilling Pools or Spas
• Installing New Water Features
• Upgrading Pool or Spa Decking

Weekly or Biweekly Service

To keep your pool or spa well-maintained, Baja Pool Service, LLC, offers weekly or biweekly service. We also offer pool or spa cleaning contracts. A typical service includes:

• Brushing the Pool or Spa Walls
• Skimming the Pool or Spa
• Vacuuming the Pool or Spa
• Testing & Balancing the Water Chemicals
• Adjusting the Acid & Chlorine (Salt Applied Where Applicable)